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Authentic Voice Verses The Image Voice

The voice I will hear in my head is the voice I like to call the voice of my authentic self or my Inner Counselor. It is with me, constantly guiding me, advising me or simply chatting away to me but it is a voice that I know. It is a voice that I'm familiar with. It is the voice that is me! So what is the voice that comes out of my mouth? This voice is the voice I refer to as representative of my image voice. It is the voice I like to present to the world and it complements the image that I have created in order to function in the world. For some that image can be a businessman or an artist, it can be a frail timid woman needing help, or it can be a little child never wanting to grow up. These images become our identity and the voice we develop matches that identity. But what happened to truth?

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