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Fifty Shades of Vocal Grey to Vocal Silver

I am so delighted to let you all know that my latest 'Easy Voice Book 2' is now available; 'Fifty Shades of Vocal Grey to Vocal Silver' continues where Voice Book One finished.

You can pick up this new Voice Book; Easy Voice Book 2: 'Fifty Shades of Vocal Grey to Vocal Silver' and Easy Voice Book 1: Fifty Shades of Vocal Grey to Vocal Color' at

The books offer a course in Effective Communication with Presentational Skills to Build Confidence in your Personality, Passion and Power.

In this second book I focus on ways that will encourage you to access a vocally free sound supported by the breath.

There are many practical exercises in the book to help center the breath.

There are exercises to develop the principle muscles used in breath support such as the The Roll Up, The V Shaped Stretch, The Criss Cross, Cobra, Sphinx, The Wheel and my favorite….The Superman Stretch….to name but a few.

Each exercise is clearly explained and demonstrated with colorful pictures by my students as they perform the exercise.

These exercises will not only strengthen the abdomen muscles for greater breath control but they also will help you get fit and tone the body. You will feel truly revitalized after these exercises: Fit, toned and vocally powerful.

In the second part of the book I discuss some of the fears many experience when asked to speak publicly.

Why do these fears exist and how can we address this fear and speak more confidently?

I have included a beautiful exercise in the book to support you, if needed, in exploring your own insecurities about the voice. Often this fear is just an irrational fear. We were never meant to be fearful about communicating with others in public. What happened?

I offer a few thoughts on what it is to have a fearless voice and to be confident when speaking in public and I end with a few exercises that will help you to increase the volume of your voice, providing you with greater vocal freedom and confidence.

The best thing of all…Easy Voice Book 2 is currently on sale and can be purchased for just $2.99 on

I hope you enjoy reading 'Fifty Shades of Vocal Grey to Vocal Silver' and are able to move forward with your own vocal training as you use this book to support you. Many more still to come. Easy Voice Book 3: Fifty Shades of Vocal Gold will be out soon.

Please enjoy this book from me and feel free to write a review on amazon or on this website.

If you need any personal support please do not hesitate to contact me.

Happy Vocalizing!!!!

Linda Slade

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