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"Linda Slade is an exceptional voice coach!

She helped me move from the limited fearful place where my voice was hiding to a more confident world of expression within a few minutes of the first session. And she made it feel so easy and safe!

I had a remarkable experience with Linda. I love to do it periodically and continue to improve my breathing and vocal capacity."

Jorge Sciupac MA Business Consultant.

Prior to working with Linda I didn't know it would be possible to improve my voice which I had always considered to be weak and powerless. Working with the Slade technique; a technique of various voice and breathing exercises, had a tremendous impact on my life. Linda's voice work did not just improve my voice. Her vocal work took me beyond my fears and limitations to express who I truly am with confidence and presence. Linda taught me to find the freedom to be myself in any situation vocally, emotionally and physically. I always look forward to working with her. "

Maria Helminen, Actress, Burbank CA  

Linda Slade is a remarkable voice coach. Her ability to identify various points of tension is almost implausible. We sat down and within a few minutes of our first session she knew exactly where my tension was carried and which techniques would benefit me the most. Before working with her, I was locked behind years of trauma which led my voice to be frail and feeble. Through her exercises, I’ve discovered my true voice is actually quite powerful. Working with Linda has changed my life and has given me the confidence I need to move forward.

Adriana Vaiana-Cavanagh, Actress, New Jersey

All actors have much to learn from this lady who speaks from vast experience and knowledge.

John Henry Richardson, Film and Television Actor, Los Angeles

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